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2019-06-05 House Journal

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2019-06-05                     House Journal                      Page 1153
HB 78                                                                                                                         
The following memorandum dated June 3 was received from Lora                                                                    
Brown, Enrolling Secretary, Division of Legal and Research Services,                                                            
    SENATE CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 78(RLS) am S                                                                                   
    "An Act relating to insurance; relating to an insurer's corporate                                                           
    governance; relating to insurance holding companies and                                                                     
    insurance company holding systems; amending Rule 26, Alaska                                                                 
    Rules of Civil Procedure, and Rules 402 and 501, Alaska Rules of                                                            
    Evidence; and providing for an effective date."                                                                             

2019-06-05                     House Journal                      Page 1154
"In accordance with Rule 43, Uniform Rules of the Alaska State                                                                  
Legislature, I am reporting the following manifest errors in SCS HB
78(RLS) am S, which have been corrected in enrolling:                                                                           
Page 2, line 9:                                                                                                                 
    Delete "insurer"                                                                                                            
    Insert "insurer's"                                                                                                          
Page 8, line 23, following "substantial":                                                                                       
    Insert "insurance"                                                                                                          
Page 11, line 29:                                                                                                               
    Delete "is""