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2018-05-12 House Journal

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2018-05-12                     House Journal                      Page 3714
SB 196                                                                                                                        
Representative Chenault, citing Uniform Rule 48(d), moved and asked                                                             
unanimous consent that the following be discharged from the Finance                                                             
         CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 196(FIN)(efd fld)                                                                               
         "An Act relating to an appropriation limit; and relating to the                                                        
         budget responsibilities of the governor."                                                                              
There was objection.                                                                                                            
The question being:  "Shall CSSB 196(FIN)(efd fld) be discharged                                                                
from the Finance Committee?"  The roll was taken with the following                                                             
CSSB 196(FIN)(efd fld)                                                                                                          
Discharge from Finance Committee and Placed on Supplemental                                                                     
Calendar today                                                                                                                  
YEAS:  18   NAYS:  22   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  0                                                                              
Yeas:  Birch, Chenault, Eastman, Johnson, Johnston, Knopp, Kopp,                                                                
Millett, Neuman, Pruitt, Rauscher, Reinbold, Saddler,                                                                           
Sullivan-Leonard, Talerico, Thompson, Tilton, Wilson                                                                            
Nays:  Claman, Drummond, Edgmon, Foster, Gara, Grenn,                                                                           
Guttenberg, Josephson, Kawasaki, Kito, Kreiss-Tomkins, LeDoux,                                                                  
Lincoln, Ortiz, Parish, Seaton, Spohnholz, Stutes, Tarr, Tuck, Wool,                                                            
And so, the motion failed.