Legislature(2017 - 2018)

2017-05-01 House Journal

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2017-05-01                     House Journal                      Page 1288
SB 83                                                                                                                         
The Finance Committee considered:                                                                                               
    CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 83(HSS)                                                                                              
    "An Act relating to the protection of vulnerable adults and                                                                 
    residents of long term care facilities."                                                                                    
The report was signed by Representatives Seaton and Foster, Co-                                                                 
chairs, with the following individual recommendations:                                                                          
Do pass (4):  Gara, Guttenberg, Seaton, Foster                                                                                  
No recommendation (3):  Wilson, Ortiz, Tilton                                                                                   
Amend (1):  Kawasaki                                                                                                            
The following fiscal note(s) apply:                                                                                             
1.  Zero, Dept. of Health & Social Services                                                                                     
2.  Zero, Dept. of Revenue                                                                                                      
CSSB 83(HSS) was referred to the Rules Committee for placement on                                                               
the calendar.