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2018-04-20 House Journal

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2018-04-20                     House Journal                      Page 3373
HJR 30                                                                                                                        
The State Affairs Committee considered:                                                                                         
    HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 30                                                                                               
    Urging the United States Congress to reaffirm the commitment of                                                             
    the United States to promote the safety, health, and well-being of                                                          
    refugees and displaced persons; urging the United States                                                                    
    government to uphold its international leadership role in                                                                   
    responding to displacement crises with humanitarian assistance                                                              
    and to work with the international community and the United                                                                 
    Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to find solutions to                                                                 
    conflicts and protect refugees; and urging the President of the                                                             
    United States to continue to mitigate the burden placed on                                                                  
    frontline refugee host countries.                                                                                           
The report was signed by Representative Kreiss-Tomkins, Chair, with                                                             
the following individual recommendations:                                                                                       
Do pass (1):  Josephson, (alternate)                                                                                            
No recommendation (4):  Birch, Knopp, Wool, Kreiss-Tomkins                                                                      
The following fiscal note(s) apply:                                                                                             
1.  Zero, Legislative Agency                                                                                                    
HJR 30 was referred to the Rules Committee for placement on the