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2016-04-14 Senate Journal

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2016-04-14                     Senate Journal                      Page 2508
HB 372                                                                                                                        
CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 372(L&C) am BY THE HOUSE LABOR                                                                            
AND COMMERCE COMMITTEE, entitled:                                                                                               

2016-04-14                     Senate Journal                      Page 2509
          "An Act relating to insurance; relating to the                                                                        
          annual report by the director of insurance; relating                                                                  
          to expenses for insurance examinations; relating to                                                                   
          regulations for insurance utilization review,                                                                         
          benefits determination, health care insurance                                                                         
          grievance resolution procedures, independent                                                                          
          review of adverse determinations or final adverse                                                                     
          determinations, independent review organizations,                                                                     
          and continuing education providers; relating to                                                                       
          required provisions for health care insurance                                                                         
          contracts and policies, including health care                                                                         
          provider choice; establishing civil penalties for                                                                     
          insurers for failure to provide requested records;                                                                    
          amending the definition of 'wet marine and                                                                            
          transportation' insurance; amending provisions on                                                                     
          limited licenses to include crop insurance; relating                                                                  
          to third-party administrator notification                                                                             
          requirements; relating to certification filing by                                                                     
          reinsurance intermediary brokers; relating to rate                                                                    
          filings, delivery of insurance policies or                                                                            
          endorsements; relating to refunds of variable life                                                                    
          insurance policies and variable annuities;                                                                            
          establishing limitations on issuance of long-term                                                                     
          care insurance; relating to requirements for group                                                                    
          health insurance policies; amending the definition                                                                    
          of 'group health insurance'; relating to motor                                                                        
          vehicle service contracts; relating to notice                                                                         
          requirements for meetings of stockholders or                                                                          
          members of a domestic insurer; establishing a                                                                         
          definition of 'bona fide association'; relating to                                                                    
          requirements and penalties for committing a                                                                           
          fraudulent or criminal insurance act; updating                                                                        
          criteria for examinations; relating to rate filing                                                                    
          deviations; establishing civil penalties for certain                                                                  
          wilful violations; and providing for an effective                                                                     
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