Legislature(2013 - 2014)

2014-03-18 Senate Journal

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2014-03-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 2070
SB 138                                                                                                                        
CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 138(FIN) am "An Act relating to the                                                                      
purposes, powers, and duties of the Alaska Gasline Development                                                                  
Corporation; relating to an in-state natural gas pipeline, an Alaska                                                            
liquefied natural gas project, and associated funds; requiring state                                                            
agencies and other entities to expedite reviews and actions related to                                                          
natural gas pipelines and projects; relating to the authorities and duties                                                      
of the commissioner of natural resources relating to a North Slope                                                              
natural gas project, oil and gas and gas only leases, and royalty gas                                                           
and other gas received by the state including gas received as payment                                                           
for the production tax on gas; relating to the tax on oil and gas                                                               
production, on oil production, and on gas production; relating to the                                                           
duties of the commissioner of revenue relating to a North Slope                                                                 
natural gas project and gas received as payment for tax; relating to                                                            
confidential information and public record status of information                                                                
provided to or in the custody of the Department of Natural Resources                                                            
and the Department of Revenue; relating to apportionment factors of                                                             
the Alaska Net Income Tax Act; amending the definition of gross                                                                 
value at the 'point of production' for gas for purposes of the oil and gas                                                      
production tax; clarifying that the exploration incentive credit, the oil                                                       
or gas producer education credit, and the film production tax credit                                                            

2014-03-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 2071
may not be taken against the gas production tax paid in gas; relating to                                                        
the oil or gas producer education credit; requesting the governor to                                                            
establish an interim advisory board to advise the governor on                                                                   
municipal involvement in a North Slope natural gas project; relating to                                                         
the development of a plan by the Alaska Energy Authority for                                                                    
developing infrastructure to deliver affordable energy to areas of the                                                          
state that will not have direct access to a North Slope natural gas                                                             
pipeline and a recommendation of a funding source for energy                                                                    
infrastructure development; establishing the Alaska affordable energy                                                           
fund; requiring the commissioner of revenue to develop a plan and                                                               
suggest legislation for municipalities, regional corporations, and                                                              
residents of the state to acquire ownership interests in a North Slope                                                          
natural gas pipeline project; making conforming amendments; and                                                                 
providing for an effective date" was engrossed, signed by the President                                                         
and Secretary and transmitted to the House for consideration with a                                                             
Senate Letter of Intent.