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2014-03-03 House Journal

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2014-03-03                     House Journal                      Page 1768
HJR 15                                                                                                                        
The following was enrolled, signed by the Speaker and Chief Clerk,                                                              
President and Secretary of the Senate, and the engrossed and enrolled                                                           
copies were transmitted to the Office of the Governor at 6:18 p.m.,                                                             
March 3, 2014:                                                                                                                  
    SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO.                                                                             
    Supporting the introduction and enactment of federal legislation                                                            
    acknowledging that the federal government is financially                                                                    
    responsible under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act for the                                                           
    remediation of contaminated land subject to conveyance under the                                                            
    Act; and urging the United States Department of the Interior to                                                             
    implement the six recommendations to identify and clean up the                                                              
    Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act lands in its 1998 report to                                                             
    the United States Congress.                                                                                                 
    Legislative Resolve No. 28