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2012-02-27 Senate Journal

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2012-02-27                     Senate Journal                      Page 1656
SB 184                                                                                                                        
Letter dated February 24, regarding SENATE BILL NO. 184 "An Act                                                                 
making supplemental appropriations, capital appropriations, and other                                                           
appropriations; amending appropriations; repealing appropriations;                                                              
making appropriations to capitalize funds; and providing for an                                                                 
effective date" was received stating:                                                                                           
Dear President Stevens and Speaker Chenault:                                                                                    
There are two items in the FY 2012 supplemental bill I submitted to                                                             
you on January 31 - HB 307 and SB 184 - that require your earliest                                                              
consideration. I respectfully request expedited movement on disaster                                                            
related supplemental funding and military force structure funding.                                                              
As you know, this past fall and winter in Alaska have been                                                                      
challenging. I issued disaster declarations for the 2011 West Coast                                                             
Storm, the 2011 Kenai Peninsula Windstorm, and the 2012 Prince                                                                  
William Sound Winter Storm. Initial expenditures have been limited in                                                           
all three disasters to $1,000,000 each per AS 26.23.020(k)(1).                                                                  

2012-02-27                     Senate Journal                      Page 1657
State funding for these storms is currently estimated to be:                                                                    
 2011 West Coast Storm Disaster   $4,621,435                                                                                    
 2011 Kenai Peninsula Windstorm  $2,303,464                                                                                     
 2012 Prince William Sound Storm  $3,633,029                                                                                    
While there are sufficient funds available within the Disaster Relief                                                           
Fund (DRF) for the estimated costs of the disasters listed above, we                                                            
are unable to make payments in excess of the $1,000,000 for each                                                                
storm until legislative approval is obtained through the supplemental                                                           
request. We fully expect that there will be increased costs associated                                                          
with these storms, as well as other events such as spring flooding, that                                                        
will require additional resources. Our original supplemental request                                                            
for the Disaster Relief Fund was $3.0 million. Since that time, it has                                                          
been estimated we will need another $2.0 million to cover anticipated                                                           
needs. Therefore, I am requesting your approval to increase the                                                                 
balance of the DRF by $5.0 million in an early supplemental.                                                                    
I am also requesting your early approval of $300,000 for our efforts to                                                         
support and sustain Alaska's current military facilities and statewide                                                          
force structure. The U.S. military presence in Alaska represents ten                                                            
percent of the state's economy. The Alaska Military Force Advocacy                                                              
and Structure Team (AMFAST) recommends that the State provide                                                                   
resources to counter the U.S. Department of Defense plans to reduce                                                             
military spending through a Base Realignment and Closure                                                                        
Commission. We must begin this work immediately, and these funds                                                                
will be used to contract for specific expertise in this area from now                                                           
through June of 2013.                                                                                                           
I welcome your expedited consideration of these two supplemental                                                                
Sean Parnell                                                                                                                    
President Stevens referred the letter to the Finance Committee.