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2011-04-18 Senate Journal

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2011-04-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 0951
                            Executive Proclamation                                                                             
Under the authority of Article II, Section 9 and Article III, Section 17                                                        
of the Alaska Constitution, and in the public interest, I call the                                                              
Twenty-Seventh Legislature of the State of Alaska into its first special                                                        
session at Juneau, Alaska, in the legislative chambers on April 18,                                                             
2011, at 1:00 p.m., to consider passage of bills on subjects germane to                                                         
the titles of the following bills while those bills were under                                                                  
consideration by the Senate and House of Representatives during the                                                             
first regular session:                                                                                                          
HB 108 - Appropriations for the Operating and Loan Program                                                                      
Expenses of State Government                                                                                                    
HB 109 - Mental Health Appropriations                                                                                           
SB 46 - Capital Appropriations and Appropriations to Capitalize                                                                 
SB 76 - Supplemental Appropriations                                                                                             
HB 104 - Alaska Performance Scholarship Fund                                                                                    
SB 42 - Power Project: Susitna/Alaska Energy Authority                                                                          
HB 106 - Extend the Alaska Coastal Management Program                                                                           
SB 84 - Vocational Education and Basic Funding/Tax Credits                                                                      
HB 24 - Extend the Regulatory Commission of Alaska                                                                              
HB 126 - Extend Boards and Commissions                                                                                          
DATED this 17th day of April, 2011.                                                                                             
TIME: 10:51 p.m.                                                                                                                
Sean Parnell, Governor                                                                                                          
                           Messages from the House                                                                           
SB 58                                                                                                                         
Message dated April 17 was read stating the House passed and