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2012-01-17 House Journal

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2012-01-17                     House Journal                      Page 1338
HB 258                                                                                                                        
(Prefile released January 13, 2012)                                                                                             
HOUSE BILL NO. 258 by Representative Joule, entitled:                                                                           

2012-01-17                     House Journal                      Page 1339
    "An Act directing the Department of Transportation and Public                                                               
    Facilities to develop and implement standards and operating                                                                 
    procedures allowing for the use in the construction and                                                                     
    maintenance of transportation projects and public facilities and in                                                         
    the construction of projects by public and private entities of gravel                                                       
    or aggregate materials that contain a limited amount of naturally                                                           
    occurring asbestos, and authorizing use on an interim basis of                                                              
    those materials for certain transportation projects and public                                                              
    facilities; relating to certain claims arising out of or in connection                                                      
    with the use of gravel or aggregate materials containing a limited                                                          
    amount of naturally occurring asbestos; and providing for an                                                                
    effective date."                                                                                                            
was read the first time and referred to the Transportation and Finance