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2007-05-09 Senate Journal

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2007-05-09                     Senate Journal                      Page 1163
SCR 6                                                                                                                         
Senator Stevens moved and asked unanimous consent that SENATE                                                                   
CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 6 which had been held on the                                                                          
Secretary's desk (page 1139) be brought up at this time. Without                                                                
objection, it was so ordered.                                                                                                   
The question being: "Shall SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION                                                                         
NO. 6 Suspending Rules 24(c), 35, 41(b), and 42(e), Uniform Rules of                                                            
the Alaska State Legislature, concerning House Bill No. 109, relating                                                           
to bribery, receiving unlawful gratuities, and campaign contributions;                                                          
denying public employee retirement pension benefits to certain                                                                  
legislators, legislative directors, and public officers who commit                                                              
certain offenses, and adding to the duties of the Alaska Retirement                                                             
Management Board and to the list of matters governed by the                                                                     

2007-05-09                     Senate Journal                      Page 1164
Administrative Procedure Act concerning that denial; relating to                                                                
campaign financing and ethics, including disclosures, in state and                                                              
municipal government, to lobbying, and to employment, service on                                                                
boards, and disclosures by certain public officers and employees who                                                            
leave state or municipal service or leave certain positions in state or                                                         
municipal government; restricting representation of others by                                                                   
legislators and legislative employees; and relating to blind trusts                                                             
approved by the Alaska Public Offices Commission, pass the Senate?"                                                             
The roll was taken with the following result:                                                                                   
SCR 6                                                                                                                           
Final Passage                                                                                                                   
YEAS:  20   NAYS:  0   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  0                                                                               
Yeas:  Bunde, Cowdery, Davis, Dyson, Ellis, Elton, French, Green,                                                               
Hoffman, Huggins, Kookesh, McGuire, Olson, Stedman, Stevens,                                                                    
Therriault, Thomas, Wagoner, Wielechowski, Wilken                                                                               
and so, SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 6 passed the                                                                           
Senate and was referred to the Secretary for engrossment.