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2008-08-04 Senate Journal

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2008-08-04                     Senate Journal                      Page 3265
SB 4002                                                                                                                       
Senator Ellis gave notice of reconsideration on CS FOR SENATE                                                                   
BILL NO. 4002(FIN) am and moved and asked unanimous consent                                                                     
that it be taken up at this time. Without objection, the bill was before                                                        
the Senate on reconsideration.                                                                                                  

2008-08-04                     Senate Journal                      Page 3266
The question to be reconsidered: "Shall CS FOR SENATE BILL NO.                                                                  
4002(FIN) am "An Act relating to grants from the renewable energy                                                               
grant fund; amending the bulk fuel bridge loan fund and the bulk fuel                                                           
revolving loan fund; amending the power cost equalization program,                                                              
repealing the exclusion from eligibility for power cost equalization for                                                        
certain power projects that take their power from hydroelectric                                                                 
facilities, and amending the definition of 'eligible electric utility' as it                                                    
applies to the power cost equalization program and the grant program                                                            
for small power projects for utility improvements; relating to                                                                  
establishing a gas pipeline development fund in the Department of                                                               
Revenue; establishing the Alaska resource rebate program and relating                                                           
to that program; relating to heating assistance; and providing for an                                                           
effective date" pass the Senate?" The roll was taken with the following                                                         
CSSB 4002(FIN) am                                                                                                               
Third Reading - On Reconsideration                                                                                              
Effective Dates                                                                                                                 
YEAS:  14   NAYS:  3   EXCUSED:  3   ABSENT:  0                                                                               
Yeas:  Davis, Ellis, Elton, French, Hoffman, Huggins, Kookesh,                                                                  
McGuire, Olson, Stedman, Stevens, Thomas, Wielechowski, Wilken                                                                  
Nays:  Bunde, Dyson, Green                                                                                                      
Excused:  Cowdery, Therriault, Wagoner                                                                                          
and so, CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 4002(FIN) am passed the Senate                                                                   
on reconsideration.                                                                                                             
Senator Ellis moved and asked unanimous consent that the vote on the                                                            
passage of the bill be considered the vote on the effective date clauses.                                                       
Without objection, it was so ordered and the bill was referred to the                                                           
Secretary for engrossment.