Legislature(2007 - 2008)

2007-05-12 House Journal

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2007-05-12                     House Journal                      Page 1323
SB 84                                                                                                                         
Representatives Lynn, Dahlstrom, Kawasaki, Buch, and Meyer added                                                                
their names as cross sponsors to:                                                                                               
    HOUSE CS FOR CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 84(FIN)                                                                                 
    "An Act relating to the improper sale of tobacco products and to                                                            
    the testing and packaging of cigarettes to be sold, offered for sale,                                                       
    or possessed in this state; relating to civil penalties for the                                                             
    improper sale of tobacco products and to suspension of business                                                             
    license endorsements and the right to obtain business license                                                               
    endorsements where the suspension is based on the improper sale                                                             
    of tobacco products; relating to citations for certain offenses                                                             
    related to tobacco; and providing for an effective date."                                                                   
SB 84                                                                                                                         
HCS CSSB 84(FIN) was engrossed.