Legislature(2005 - 2006)

2005-01-28 House Journal

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2005-01-28                     House Journal                      Page 0194
HB 53                                                                                             
Representative Rokeberg added his name as cosponsor to:                                             
     HOUSE BILL NO. 53                                                                              
     "An Act relating to child-in-need-of-aid proceedings; amending                                 
     the construction of statutes pertaining to children in need of aid;                            

2005-01-28                     House Journal                      Page 0195
     relating to a duty and standard of care for services to children and                           
     families; amending court hearing procedures to allow public                                    
     attendance at child-in-need-of-aid proceedings; establishing a                                 
     right to a trial by jury in termination of parental rights                                     
     proceedings; reestablishing and relating to state and local citizens'                          
     review panels for certain child custody matters; amending the duty                             
     to disclose information pertaining to a child in need of aid;                                  
     establishing a distribution age for permanent fund dividends held                              
     in trust for a child committed to the custody of the Department of                             
     Health and Social Services; mandating reporting of the medication                              
     of children in state custody; prescribing the rights of grandparents                           
     related to child-in-need-of-aid cases and establishing a                                       
     grandparent priority for adoption in certain child-in-need-of-aid                              
     cases; modifying adoption and placement procedures in certain                                  
     child-in-need-of-aid cases; amending treatment service                                         
     requirements for parents involved in child-in-need-of-aid                                      
     proceedings; amending Rules 3 and 18, Alaska Child in Need of                                  
       Aid Rules of Procedure; and providing for an effective date."