Legislature(2003 - 2004)

2004-05-11 House Journal

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2004-05-11                     House Journal                      Page 4308
SCR 24                                                                                            
The following was taken up as a Special Order of Business at this                                   
     SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 24                                                            
     Suspending Rules 24(c), 35, 41(b), and 42(e), Uniform Rules of                                 
     the Alaska State Legislature, concerning House Bill No. 252,                                   
     relating to boards under AS 08.01.                                                             

2004-05-11                     House Journal                      Page 4309
The question being:  "Shall SCR 24 pass the House?"  The roll was                                   
taken with the following result:                                                                    
SCR 24                                                                                              
Special Order of Business                                                                           
YEAS:  38   NAYS:  0   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  2                                                   
Yeas:  Anderson, Berkowitz, Chenault, Cissna, Coghill, Crawford,                                    
Croft, Dahlstrom, Fate, Foster, Gara, Gatto, Gruenberg, Guttenberg,                                 
Harris, Hawker, Heinze, Kapsner, Kerttula, Kohring, Kookesh, Kott,                                  
Lynn, Masek, McGuire, Meyer, Morgan, Moses, Ogg, Rokeberg,                                          
Samuels, Seaton, Stepovich, Stoltze, Weyhrauch, Williams, Wilson,                                   
Absent:  Holm, Joule                                                                                
And so, SCR 24 passed the House, was signed by the Speaker and                                      
Chief Clerk and returned to the Senate.