Legislature(2001 - 2002)

2002-05-13 House Journal

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2002-05-13                     House Journal                      Page 3620
SB 324                                                                                            
The Rules Committee has considered:                                                                 
    CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 324(L&C)                                                                 
    "An Act providing that a utility or electric operating entity owned                             
    and operated by a political subdivision of the state competing                                  
    directly with a telecommunications utility is not subject to the                                
    Alaska Public Utilities Regulatory Act."                                                        
The report was signed by Representative Kott, Chair, with the                                       
following individual recommendations:                                                               
Do pass (3):  Porter, Kohring, Kott                                                                 
No recommendation (4):  Joule, Morgan, McGuire, Berkowitz                                           
The following fiscal note(s) apply:                                                                 
1.  Zero, Dept. of Community & Economic Development                                                 
CSSB 324(L&C) is on today's calendar.