Legislature(2001 - 2002)

2002-03-20 House Journal

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2002-03-20                     House Journal                      Page 2619
HB 288                                                                                            
The following was read the second time:                                                             
    HOUSE BILL NO. 288                                                                              
    "An Act relating to commercial fisheries limited entry permit buy-                              
    back programs."                                                                                 
with the:                                                  Journal Page                             
 FSH RPT 5DP 1NR                                                   2163                             
 FN1: ZERO(DFG)                                                    2163                             
 RES RPT CS(RES) NT 6DP                                            2274                             
 FN1: ZERO(DFG)                                                    2275                             
 FIN RPT CS(FIN) NT 7DP 2NR                                        2480                             
 FN1: ZERO(DFG)                                                    2480                             
 FN2: ZERO(REV)                                                    2480                             
 FN3: INDETERMINATE(REV)                                           2480                             
Representative James moved and asked unanimous consent that the                                     
following committee substitute be adopted in lieu of the original bill:                             
    CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 288(FIN)                                                                  
    "An Act relating to commercial fishing limited entry permit buy-                                
    back programs, to a permit buy-back assessment, and to voluntary                                
    relinquishment of commercial fishing permits; and defining                                      
    'optimum number.'"                                                                              
There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                                        
Amendment No. 1 was offered  by Representative Scalzi:                                               
Page 3, following line 12:                                                                          
         Insert a new bill section to read:                                                         
"* Sec. 8.  AS 37.05.146(b)(4)(AA) is amended to read:                                            
                  (AA)  dive fishery management assessment receipts                                 
         (AS 43.76.150) and permit buy-back assessment receipts                                 
         (AS 43.76.220);"                                                                       

2002-03-20                     House Journal                      Page 2620
Renumber the following bill sections accordingly.                                                   
Page 4, following line 17:                                                                          
         Insert a new subsection to read:                                                           
                  "(e)  The provisions of AS 43.05 and AS 43.10 apply                               
         to the enforcement and collection of a permit buy-back                                     
           assessment levied under AS 43.76.220 - 43.76.240."                                      
Representative Scalzi moved and asked unanimous consent that                                        
Amendment No. 1 be adopted.                                                                         
Objection was heard and withdrawn.  There being no further objection,                               
Amendment No. 1 was adopted.                                                                        
Representative James moved and asked unanimous consent that CSHB
288(FIN) am be considered engrossed, advanced to third reading, and                                 
placed on final passage.  There being no objection, it was so ordered.                              
CSHB 288(FIN) am was read the third time.                                                           
**The presence of Representatives Mulder and Williams was noted.                                    
The question being:  "Shall CSHB 288(FIN) am pass the House?"  The                                  
roll was taken with the following result:                                                           
CSHB 288(FIN) am                                                                                    
Third Reading                                                                                       
Final Passage                                                                                       
YEAS:  38   NAYS:  0   EXCUSED:  2   ABSENT:  0                                                   
Yeas:  Berkowitz, Bunde, Chenault, Cissna, Coghill, Crawford, Croft,                                
Davies, Dyson, Fate, Foster, Green, Guess, Halcro, Harris, Hayes,                                   
Hudson, James, Joule, Kerttula, Kohring, Kookesh, Kott, Lancaster,                                  
Masek, McGuire, Meyer, Morgan, Moses, Mulder, Murkowski, Porter,                                    
Rokeberg, Scalzi, Stevens, Whitaker, Williams, Wilson                                               
Excused:  Kapsner, Ogan                                                                             
And so, CSHB 288(FIN) am passed the House and was referred to the                                   
Chief Clerk for engrossment.