Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1994-05-02 Senate Journal

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1994-05-02                     Senate Journal                      Page 4200
SR 5                                                                         
Governor's transmittal letter dated April 29:                                  
Dear Mr. President:                                                            
I have read the following resolution and transmitted the engrossed             
and enrolled copies to the Lieutenant Governor's Office for                    
permanent filing:                                                              

1994-05-02                     Senate Journal                      Page 4201
SR 5                                                                         
	SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 5                                                       
Requesting the governor to amend the names                                    
submitted to the United States Department of                                   
Commerce for possible appointment to the North                                 
Pacific Fishery Management Council.                                            
		Senate Resolve No. 2                                                         
In response, much thought and deliberation has been put into these             
critical nominations.  I always appreciate advice from the Legislature         
on appointments.                                                               
In this case I stand behind my nomination of Clem Tillion.  I                  
believe all my nominees hold Alaska's interest first and will do a             
great job for Alaska if selected by the United States Secretary of             
					Walter J. Hickel