Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1993-07-22 Senate Journal

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1993-07-22                     Senate Journal                      Page 2404
SB 165                                                                       
Message dated May 13 from Rosemary Kimlinger, Enrolling                        
Secretary, was received stating:                                               
In accordance with Rule 43 of the Uniform Rules, I am reporting a              
manifest error of omission in a floor amendment that was offered               
and adopted in the Senate as Amendment No. 2 to CCS SB 165 "An                 
Act making an appropriation to the Alyeska Settlement Fund and                 
making appropriations from the Alyeska Settlement Fund; making,                
amending, and repealing operating and capital appropriations; and              
providing for an effective date."   The following correction has been          
	On page 26, line 28, after "and"                                              
	Insert "sec. 4, ch. 24, SLA 1984, page 57, line 7, as                         
 	amended by"                                                                  
	Delete "page 46, line 15"