Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1993-05-07 Senate Journal

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1993-05-07                     Senate Journal                      Page 2123
SB 106                                                                       
Senator Duncan called the Senate.  The call was satisfied.                     
The Senate stood at ease.                                                      
President Halford called the Senate back to order at 4:55 p.m.                 
The call of the Senate was maintained.  The call was satisfied.                
The question being:  "Shall CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 106(FIN)                    
be returned to second reading for the purpose of a specific                    
amendment?"  The roll was taken with the following result:                     
CSSB 106(FIN)                                                                  
Return to Second for Specific Amendment                                        
YEAS:  11   NAYS:  9   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  0                              
Yeas:  Frank, Halford, Jacko, Kelly, Leman, Miller, Pearce, Phillips,          
Rieger, Sharp, Taylor                                                          
Nays:  Adams, Donley, Duncan, Ellis, Kerttula, Lincoln, Little, Salo,          
and so, the bill was returned to second reading.                               
Senators Sharp, Taylor offered Amendment No. 9 :                                

1993-05-07                     Senate Journal                      Page 2124
SB 106                                                                       
Page 1, line 1, through page 17, line 27:                                      
	Delete all material.                                                          
	Insert a new title and bill sections to read:                                 
""An Act transferring certain projects of and amending and                    
transferring programs of the Alaska Energy Authority to the                    
Department of Community and Regional Affairs; relating to the                  
Alaska Energy Authority; permitting the Alaska Industrial                      
Development and Export Authority to issue revenue bonds for                    
certain plants or facilities for energy resources; permitting                  
utilities to form joint action agencies; authorizing the Alaska                
Industrial Development and Export Authority to issue revenue                   
bonds for power transmission interties; relating to rates for a                
public utility that sends or receives power over certain power                 
transmission interties; relating to the power cost equalization and            
capital improvement fund; amending the purpose of the Railbelt                 
energy fund; and providing for an effective date.""                           
BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF                               
   * Section 1.  FINDINGS.  The legislature finds that adequate,           
reliable, electric service at affordable rates is a necessary ingredient       
of a modern society and a prosperous developing economy.  The                  
legislature further finds that at the current stage of social and              
economic development in the state, direct participation by the state           
is necessary to assist in the development of a regional electric               
transmission infrastructure and to assist in holding rates in high cost        
service areas to affordable levels.                                            
   * Sec. 2.  AS 37.05.520 is amended to read:                               
	Sec. 37.05.520.  RAILBELT ENERGY FUND.                                       
There is established in the general fund the Railbelt energy                   
fund.  The fund consists of money appropriated to it by the                    
legislature.  The Department of Revenue shall manage the                       
fund.  Interest received on money in the fund shall be                         
accounted for separately and may be appropriated into the                      
fund annually.  The legislature may appropriate money from                     

1993-05-07                     Senate Journal                      Page 2125
SB 106                                                                       
	 the fund for programs,  projects, and other expenditures                 
	to assist in meeting Railbelt energy needs, including                       
	projects for retrofitting state-owned buildings and                           
	facilities for energy conservation.                                         
   * Sec. 3.  AS42.05.141(b) is amended to read:                             
	(b)  The commission shall perform the duties                                 
assigned to it under AS42.45.100- 42.45.190 [AS                            
   * Sec. 4.  AS 42.05.431 is amended by adding a new subsection             
to read:                                                                       
	(h)  When setting or reviewing rates for a public                            
utility that sends or receives power over the power                            
transmission interties between Fairbanks and Healy or                          
between Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula, the commission                      
shall consider those costs that have not been directly                         
assigned to other individual generating utilities by the utility               
responsible for the construction of the intertie to have been                  
incurred for the system existing on the effective date of this                 
   * Sec. 5.  AS 42 is amended by adding a new chapter to read:              
	CHAPTER 45.  RURAL AND STATEWIDE ENERGY