Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1994-04-29 Senate Journal

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1994-04-29                     Senate Journal                      Page 4174
SB 101                                                                       
CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 101(FIN)(title am) was read the third                   
The question being:  "Shall CS FOR SENATE BILL NO.                             
101(FIN)(title am) "An Act relating to interim assistance under the            
adult public assistance program; requiring the Department of Health            
and Social Services to consult with the Department of Education in             
order to develop an application process and disability determination           
system to implement the adult public assistance program" pass the              
Senate?"  The roll was taken with the following result:                        
CSSB 101(FIN)(TITLE AM)                                                        
Third Reading - Final Passage                                                  
YEAS:  11   NAYS:  9   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  0                              
Yeas:  Frank, Halford, Jacko, Kelly, Leman, Miller, Pearce, Phillips,          
Rieger, Sharp, Taylor                                                          
Nays:  Adams, Donley, Duncan, Ellis, Kerttula, Lincoln, Little, Salo,          
Donley changed from "Yea" to "Nay".                                            
Jacko changed from "Nay" to "Yea".                                             
and so, CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 101(FIN)(title am) passed the                   
Senator Donley gave notice of reconsideration.