Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1993-04-18 Senate Journal

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1993-04-18                     Senate Journal                      Page 1468
SB 101                                                                       
The Judiciary Committee considered SENATE BILL NO. 101 "An                     
Act relating to eligibility for and payments of public assistance; and         
providing for an effective date" and recommended the Health,                   
Education and Social Services Committee Substitute offered on page             
823 be adopted.  Signing no recommendation:  Senator Taylor,                   
Chair, Senator Jacko.  Signing do pass:  Senator Halford.  Signing             
do not pass:  Senator Little.                                                  
Fiscal notes for the committee substitute published today from                 
Department of Health and Social Services (3).  Previous fiscal notes.          
SENATE BILL NO. 101 was referred to the Finance Committee.