Legislature(1993 - 1994)

1993-05-09 House Journal

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1993-05-09                     House Journal                      Page 1812
SB 106                                                                       
The Speaker placed a call of the House and lifted the call.                    
Representative Ulmer withdrew her objection to the advancement of              
HCS CSSB 106(FIN) to third reading on the same day.  There being               
no further objection, it was so ordered.                                       
HCS CSSB 106(FIN) was read the third time.                                     
The question being:  "Shall HCS CSSB 106(FIN) pass the House?"                 
The roll was taken with the following result:                                  
HCS CSSB 106(FIN)                                                              
Third Reading                                                                  
Final Passage                                                                  
YEAS:  32   NAYS:  5   EXCUSED:  0   ABSENT:  3                              

1993-05-09                     House Journal                      Page 1813
SB 106                                                                       
Yeas:  Barnes, Brice, Bunde, Carney, B.Davis, G.Davis, Foster, Green,          
Hoffman, Hudson, James, Kott, Mackie, MacLean, Martin, Menard,                 
Moses, Mulder, Navarre, Nicholia, Nordlund, Olberg, Parnell,                   
Phillips, Porter, Sanders, Sitton, Therriault, Toohey, Vezey,                  
Williams, Willis                                                               
Nays:  Brown, Davidson, Davies, Finkelstein, Ulmer                             
Absent:  Grussendorf, Hanley, Larson                                           
And so, HCS CSSB 106(FIN) passed the House.                                    
Representative Brown moved and asked unanimous consent that the                
House adopt the following letter of intent:                                    
Letter of Intent                                                               
HCS CSSB 106(FIN)                                                              
"Not withstanding the State Personnel Act (AS 39.25), it is the intent         
of the Legislature that employees transferred to the Department of             
Community and Regional Affairs under Sec. 35 of this Act will                  
transfer into the classified service or the case of employees in policy        
level positions, into the exempt or partially exempt service.  It is the       
intent that the Department of Community and Regional Affairs may               
employ these people without having to comply with the register                 
requirements of AS 39.25."                                                     
There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                   
HCS CSSB 106(FIN) was referred to the Chief Clerk for engrossment.