HR 11: Supporting the renaming of Saginaw Bay as Skanax Bay.

00                          HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 11                                                                        
01 Supporting the renaming of Saginaw Bay as Skanax Bay.                                                                   
02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:                                                                         
03       WHEREAS the bay that is situated on the north coast of Kuiu Island in the Alexander                             
04 Archipelago and is located across the Keku Strait from the community of Kake is currently                               
05 named Saginaw Bay; and                                                                                                  
06       WHEREAS the bay is currently named for the USS Saginaw, a United States Navy                                    
07 ship that shelled the village of Kake in 1869, destroying three civilian villages and three                             
08 smaller campsites; and                                                                                                  
09       WHEREAS, after the USS Saginaw shelled buildings, canoes, and food storages at all                              
10 of the village sites, the United States government proceeded to name a nearby bay after the                             
11 USS Saginaw; and                                                                                                        
12       WHEREAS the destruction from the shelling led to an unknown number of deaths by                                 
13 starvation and exposure that winter, and survivors were forced to disperse and live with other                          
14 tribes; and                                                                                                             
15       WHEREAS the bay's current name is an affront to the local Tlingit community and a                               
16 source of great discomfort for many residents of the City of Kake and the Organized Village                             
01 of Kake; and                                                                                                            
02       WHEREAS the City of Kake and the Organized Village of Kake each passed a                                        
03 resolution in support of renaming the bay from Saginaw Bay to Skanáx_ Bay, the bay's Tlingit                            
04 place name since time immemorial; and                                                                                   
05       WHEREAS the renaming of the bay as Skanáx_ Bay would be a constructive step                                     
06 toward the healing of local Tlingit communities and would celebrate Tlingit language and the                            
07 first peoples of Southeast Alaska;                                                                                      
08       BE IT RESOLVED that the House of Representatives supports renaming Saginaw                                      
09 Bay as Skanáx_ Bay.