HB 100: "An Act relating to the duties of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 100 01 "An Act relating to the duties of the Department of Transportation and Public 02 Facilities." 03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 * Section 1. AS 44.42.020(a) is amended to read: 05 (a) The department shall 06 (1) plan, design, construct, and maintain all state modes of 07 transportation and transportation facilities and all docks, floats, breakwaters, buildings, 08 and similar facilities; 09 (2) study existing transportation modes and facilities in the state to 10 determine how they might be improved or whether they should continue to be 11 maintained; 12 (3) study alternative means of improving transportation in the state 13 with regard to the economic costs of each alternative and its environmental and social 14 effects;

01 (4) develop a comprehensive, long-range, intermodal transportation 02 plan for the state; 03 (5) study alternatives to existing modes of transportation in urban areas 04 and develop plans to improve urban transportation; 05 (6) cooperate and coordinate with and enter into agreements with 06 federal, state, and local government agencies and private organizations and persons in 07 exercising its powers and duties; 08 (7) manage, operate, and maintain state transportation facilities and all 09 docks, floats, breakwaters, and buildings, including all state highways, vessels, 10 railroads, pipelines, airports, and aviation facilities; 11 (8) study alternative means of transportation in the state, considering 12 the economic, social, and environmental effects of each alternative; 13 (9) coordinate and develop state and regional transportation systems, 14 considering deletions, additions, and the absence of alterations; 15 (10) develop facility program plans for transportation and state 16 buildings, docks, and breakwaters required to implement the duties set out in this 17 section, including but not limited to functional performance criteria and schedules for 18 completion; 19 (11) supervise and maintain all state automotive and mechanical 20 equipment, aircraft, and vessels, except vessels and aircraft used by the Department of 21 Fish and Game or the Department of Public Safety; for state vehicles maintained by 22 the department, the department shall, every five years, evaluate the cost, efficiency, 23 and commercial availability of alternative fuels for automotive purposes, and the 24 purpose for which the vehicles are intended to be used, and convert vehicles to use 25 alternative fuels or purchase energy efficient vehicles whenever practicable; the 26 department may participate in joint ventures with public or private partners that will 27 foster the availability of alternative fuels for all automotive fuel consumers; 28 (12) supervise aeronautics inside the state, under AS 02.10; 29 (13) implement the safety and financial responsibility requirements for 30 air carriers under AS 02.40; 31 (14) inspect weights and measures;

01 (15) at least every four years, study alternatives available to finance 02 transportation systems in order to provide an adequate level of funding to sustain and 03 improve the state's transportation system; 04 (16) list on the department's publicly available Internet website the 05 carbon footprint for a mile traveled by all commonly used methods of 06 transportation in the state; in this paragraph, "transportation" includes motor 07 vehicles, aircraft, trains, ferries, motorized and nonmotorized private boats, dog 08 sleds, bicycles, and foot travel.