CSSCR 10(L&C): Proclaiming 2018 to be the Year of Innovation in Alaska.

00             CS FOR SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 10(L&C)                                                             
01 Proclaiming 2018 to be the Year of Innovation in Alaska.                                                                
02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA:                                                               
03       WHEREAS growing Alaska's economy is imperative to improving the lives of                                        
04 Alaskans; and                                                                                                           
05       WHEREAS ingenuity and innovation support a dynamic economy and can help                                         
06 diversify Alaska's economic base; and                                                                                   
07       WHEREAS innovation is a new product or process that creates value and drives                                    
08 growth; while innovation is not limited to technology, innovative technology has transformed                            
09 industries like health care, transportation, and education; and                                                         
10       WHEREAS entrepreneurship is key to commercializing innovations; researchers have                                
11 found a link between technological innovation and economic development; and cutting-edge                                
12 technology lies at the heart of economic leadership; and                                                                
13       WHEREAS entrepreneurs entering the state's market spur economic growth, and                                     
14 diversifying Alaska's economy through innovation can help address Alaska's fiscal                                       
15 challenges; and                                                                                                         
16       WHEREAS Alaskans are innovators by necessity, with Native peoples, pioneers,                                    
01 explorers, miners, fishermen, builders, soldiers, scientists, loggers, engineers, teachers, law                         
02 enforcement personnel, oil field workers, entrepreneurs, students, artists, and all hard-working                        
03 Alaskans responding to the state's geography and climate with forward-thinking solutions;                               
04 and                                                                                                                     
05 WHEREAS the National Bureau of Economic Research reports that nearly all new                                          
06 job creation annually comes from startups; without new businesses, job creation in the United                           
07 States would have been negative over the last 30 years, with firms in their first year                                  
08 responsible for creating an average of 3,000,000 jobs a year; and                                                       
09 WHEREAS data-driven innovation is a key pillar of 21st century growth, through                                        
10 significantly enhanced productivity, economic competitiveness, and social well-being; and                               
11 WHEREAS innovation must be culturally and publicly encouraged, and Alaska                                             
12 should pursue policies that foster creativity and new ideas that create an environment where                            
13 entrepreneurs can thrive and thereby improve and strengthen the economy of the state; and                               
14 WHEREAS best practices for innovation incorporate principles that speed up                                            
15 economic development and reduce the risks of traditional business planning approaches; and                              
16 WHEREAS a Year of Innovation "pipeline" has been established through                                                  
17 collaboration between regional and statewide economic development organizations,                                        
18 universities, investors, business support professionals, and entrepreneurs across the state,                            
19 through the use of collaborative work spaces, and through aligning events, such as the Arctic                           
20 Innovation Competition, the Innovation Summit, Alaska Startup Week, and the Launch:                                     
21 Alaska accelerator program; and                                                                                         
22 WHEREAS collaborative efforts, such as Innovate Alaska 2.0, can diversify the                                         
23 state's economic base by creating an entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, by                                       
24 empowering import and export businesses, and by engaging the next generation of Alaska                                  
25 entrepreneurs, ensuring that Alaskans' great ideas have a clear pathway to market success; and                          
26 WHEREAS university research contributes to the development of intellectual                                            
27 property, interdisciplinary entrepreneurial programming and education, and effective                                    
28 technology transfer and is a vital component of an effective innovation ecosystem; and                                  
29 WHEREAS a strong innovation ecosystem depends on the sponsorship and                                                  
30 promotion of innovations by existing companies as well as the development of new industries                             
31 by new strategic ventures; and                                                                                          
01 WHEREAS the Juneau Economic Development Council hosts an annual innovation                                            
02 summit that brings together innovators in the state who move Alaska forward by maintaining,                             
03 expanding, and creating jobs and economic opportunities; in addition, the innovation summit                             
04 provides a platform for inductees to the Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame to share exemplary                              
05 efforts to grow a culture of innovation in the state; and                                                               
06 WHEREAS 20 percent of innovations come from collaborations between multiple                                           
07 institutions, half of which are public-private partnerships between private companies and                               
08 universities or government research labs;                                                                               
09 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature proclaims 2018 as the Year of                                        
10 Innovation in Alaska.