HCR 25: Requesting the Governor to establish an office of outdoor access and recreation.

00                    HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 25                                                                   
01 Requesting the Governor to establish an office of outdoor access and recreation.                                        
02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA:                                                               
03       WHEREAS the state's outdoor industry generates $7,300,000,000 in consumer                                       
04 spending and supports 72,000 jobs that drive economic growth throughout all regions of the                              
05 state; and                                                                                                              
06       WHEREAS the state's entrepreneurs, including equipment and apparel manufacturers,                               
07 guides, lodge owners, retailers, pilots, and cruise ship tour operators, rely on a vibrant outdoor                      
08 recreation economy; and                                                                                                 
09       WHEREAS world-class recreation opportunities on the state's land and water attract                              
10 millions of visitors each year and could attract many more; and                                                         
11       WHEREAS world-class recreation opportunities improve the quality of life in the                                 
12 state and the state's ability to attract talent, companies, and industry; and                                           
13       WHEREAS outdoor recreation promotes activities that benefit health and community                                
14 well-being beyond the revenue that the outdoor industry generates; and                                                  
15       WHEREAS governors and legislatures in the western states, including Colorado,                                   
16 Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, have established offices of outdoor recreation or                                
01 similar executive-level leadership entities in recognition of the importance of the outdoor                             
02 industry to economic growth; and                                                                                        
03       WHEREAS Alaska does not currently have a state office to coordinate and advocate                                
04 for the vast network of businesses, agencies, and organizations that drive the state's outdoor                          
05 industry;                                                                                                               
06       BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature respectfully requests the                                      
07 Governor to establish and support an office of outdoor access and recreation devoted to                                 
08 accelerating the growth and diversification of the state's economy; and be it                                           
09       FURTHER RESOLVED that, if the Governor establishes an office of outdoor access                                  
10 and recreation, the Alaska State Legislature supports the formation of an advisory council to                           
11 that office.