HB 206: "An Act relating to an exemption for low-voltage projects from contractor requirements; and relating to an exemption from electrical administrator requirements."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 206 01 "An Act relating to an exemption for low-voltage projects from contractor 02 requirements; and relating to an exemption from electrical administrator 03 requirements." 04 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 05 * Section 1. AS 08.18.161 is amended to read: 06 Sec. 08.18.161. Exemptions. To the extent that this chapter governs 07 contractors, this chapter does not apply to 08 (1) an authorized representative of the United States government, the 09 State of Alaska, or a political subdivision or agency of the state; 10 (2) an officer of a court when acting within the scope of office; 11 (3) a public utility operating under the regulations of the Regulatory 12 Commission of Alaska in construction, maintenance, or development work incidental 13 to its own business; 14 (4) a construction, repair, or operation incidental to the discovering or

01 producing of petroleum or gas, or the drilling, testing, abandoning, or other operation 02 of a petroleum or gas well or a surface or underground mine or mineral deposit when 03 performed by an owner or lessee; 04 (5) the sale or installation of finished products, materials, or articles of 05 merchandise that are not actually fabricated into and do not become a permanent, 06 fixed part of a structure; 07 (6) construction, alteration, or repair of personal property; 08 (7) a person who only furnished materials, supplies, or equipment 09 without fabricating them into, or consuming them in the performance of, the work of 10 the contractor; 11 (8) work on a low voltage project under one or more contracts, the 12 aggregate contract price of which for labor and materials and all other items is 13 less than $10,000; this exemption does not apply when the work is only a part of a 14 larger or major operation, whether undertaken by the same or a different 15 contractor, or when the work is divided into contracts of amounts less than 16 $10,000 for the purpose of evasion of this chapter or otherwise; a contractor who 17 performs work priced at $2,500 or more under this exemption shall nevertheless 18 keep in force public liability and property damage insurance with coverage in at 19 least the amounts set out in AS 08.18.101; in this paragraph, "low voltage" means 20 56 volts or less; [REPEALED.] 21 (9) an owner who contracts for a project with a registered contractor; 22 (10) a person working on that person's own property, whether occupied 23 by the person or not, and a person working on that person's own residence, whether 24 owned by the person or not; 25 (11) an owner or tenant of commercial property who uses the owner's 26 or tenant's own employees to do maintenance, repair, and alteration work on [UPON] 27 that property; 28 (12) an owner who acts as the owner's own contractor and in doing so 29 hires workers on an hourly basis, hires subcontractors, purchases materials and, as 30 such, sees to the paying for all labor, subcontractors, and materials; in this case, the 31 owner shall be limited to construction of one home, duplex, triplex, four-plex, or

01 commercial building every two years; 02 (13) a person performing construction work incidental to farming, 03 dairying, agriculture, horticulture, stock or poultry raising, mining, logging, fishing, 04 clearing, or other work on [UPON] the land in rural districts for fire prevention 05 purposes, or access road building, unless the person is a licensee. 06 * Sec. 2. AS 08.40.190(b) is amended to read: 07 (b) AS 08.40.005 - 08.40.200 do not apply to a person engaged in 08 (1) the manufacture, maintenance, or repair of electrical apparatus or 09 equipment; 10 (2) electrical work, the cost of which does not exceed $5,000, 11 involving residences or small commercial establishments in communities that 12 (A) have a population of under 500 according to the latest 13 available federal or state census or other census approved by the Department of 14 Commerce, Community, and Economic Development; or 15 (B) are over 50 miles by air or water transportation from the 16 business place of an electrical administrator licensed under AS 08.40.005 - 17 08.40.200; 18 (3) electrical installation on residential property that is owned by the 19 installer or a member of the installer's immediate family and not intended for sale at 20 the time of making the installation; 21 (4) the operation, maintenance, or repair of a television or radio 22 broadcasting system and the installation of a radio broadcasting system under 500 23 watts input power except for A.C. power supply and wiring; 24 (5) the installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators so long as the 25 work is performed by an agent or employee of the elevator industry and is confined to 26 the elevator control system, which system does not include the power supply, wiring, 27 and motor connection; 28 (6) the operation, maintenance, and repair of telephone, telegraph, and 29 intercommunication facilities; 30 (7) the installation, maintenance, and repair of fire alarm, intrusion 31 alarm, or other low voltage signaling systems of 48 volts to ground or less;

01 (8) the maintenance or repair of diesel electric engines installed on 02 heavy construction equipment, either in a shop or on a job site; 03 (9) the installation in a commercial water well of the submersible 04 pump motor and the wiring to the well pump system controls if the controls are 05 outside a building or a structure; 06 (10) the installation in a noncommercial water well of the submersible 07 pump motor and the wiring to the well pump system controls; 08 (11) electrical maintenance or repair work if the work is performed by 09 the person as an employee of an owner or tenant of commercial property as part of the 10 employee's work duties with respect to the property but is not offered or performed as 11 a service to the public; 12 (12) the installation, maintenance, and repair of low voltage 13 telecommunications, broadband transmission, and video services; in this 14 paragraph, 15 (A) "broadband transmission" means a transmission that 16 has a large range of radio frequencies that can simultaneously transport 17 multiple signals and different types of signals; 18 (B) "low voltage" means 56 volts or less.