HR 5: Establishing the House Special Committee on Federal Overreach.

00                          HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 5                                                                         
01 Establishing the House Special Committee on Federal Overreach.                                                          
02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:                                                                         
03       WHEREAS the House of Representatives recognizes and salutes the many historic                                   
04 achievements of the federal government, including the federal government's fulfillment of its                           
05 duty to guarantee popular government in each state; and                                                                 
06       WHEREAS the Constitution of the United States enumerates the powers of the                                      
07 federal government, limiting its attention to national objects only, and reserves for the states                        
08 all residuary powers, providing a framework that is prerequisite to the vitality of the states as                       
09 self-governing bodies within the republic; and                                                                          
10       WHEREAS the overbearing conduct of the federal government in Alaska's affairs                                   
11 since statehood reflects a continual disregard of and lack of accountability to the Alaska                              
12 people and the legislature; and                                                                                         
13       WHEREAS, for years, the state government, the state's delegation to the United                                  
14 States Congress, and the people of the state have turned to the only remaining remedies                                 
15 available to them, to specify in detail, plead with and protest to the federal government, and to                       
16 litigate in federal courts the many unwarrantable exercises of federal power in the state,                              
01 pointing out that they are dangerous to the liberty of Alaskans, detrimental to the prosperity of                       
02 the state, and equally affronts to the Constitution of the United States, only to be met with                           
03 silence or weak affirmations; and                                                                                       
04       WHEREAS the federal government's most recent encroachments on Alaska                                            
05 sovereignty present a clear attempt to erode the state's duty and responsibility to manage its                          
06 land and a violation of the provisions of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act,                          
07 passed by the United States Congress in 1980, and have shocked Alaskans from all political                              
08 parties, precipitating a union of Alaska citizens opposed to further acquiescence and                                   
09 determined to restore the proper, constitutionally prescribed balance of power between the                              
10 federal government and the State of Alaska; and                                                                         
11       WHEREAS the House of Representatives is sensitive to similar encroachments by the                               
12 federal government on the rights of other states; and                                                                   
13       WHEREAS the House of Representatives maintains that Alaskans and the officers,                                  
14 judges, and legislators of the state government are competent to understand the plain language                          
15 of the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the United States and are sufficiently                         
16 informed and protective of their natural and constitutional rights under the American system                            
17 of government; and                                                                                                      
18       WHEREAS the government of an American state has, and the State of Alaska                                        
19 specifically has, a duty to rise to the defense and integrity of the Constitution of the United                         
20 States, to restore the federal government to its proper role as defined in the Constitution, and                        
21 to vindicate the rights of the people when the federal government has become accustomed,                                
22 since Alaska's statehood, to disobedience of the Constitution and to arbitrary rule over                                
23 American citizens and the states; and                                                                                   
24       WHEREAS the House of Representatives, conscious of the gravity of the present                                   
25 circumstances, recognizes the importance of working toward measures to restore the proper                               
26 and intended balance of powers between the states and the federal government;                                           
27       BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives that the House Special                                           
28 Committee on Federal Overreach is established to                                                                        
29            (1)  study and consider, for the purpose of restoring state sovereignty, the                                 
30 intervention of state authority against unconstitutional exercises of federal power in Alaska;                          
31            (2)  study and consider the implications, risks, and effects of a potential                                  
01 reduction in federal funds and what that reduction might mean to Alaska and Alaskans;                                   
02            (3)  compile the clearest and most harmful cases of unconstitutional exercises                               
03 of federal power that warrant and justify the intervention of state authority;                                          
04            (4)  coordinate with civic and professional associations in and outside the state                            
05 that share a similar mission with the committee for the purpose of exchanging useful research                           
06 and plans;                                                                                                              
07            (5)  address Alaskans on the subject of the committee, encourage public                                      
08 debate, and hold public hearings, when considered opportune and productive;                                             
09            (6)  appeal to and open correspondence with the governments of other states                                  
10 that, now or in the future, may be studying and considering a similar course, and might                                 
11 consider joint action with the State of Alaska;                                                                         
12            (7)  submit reports to the House of Representatives by January 15, 2016, and                                 
13 by January 15, 2017, containing recommendations concerning how to successfully mobilize                                 
14 state authority in opposition to unconstitutional exercises of federal power, including ordinary                        
15 legislation, a state convention, venue in state courts, a constitutional amendment convention,                          
16 and popular referenda, and further recommendations on a plan of concerted action with other                             
17 states; and be it                                                                                                       
18       FURTHER RESOLVED that the membership of the House Special Committee on                                          
19 Federal Overreach shall be composed of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, or a                                
20 legislator selected as the Speaker's designee serving as the chair of the committee, and four                           
21 members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker, two of whom shall be                                  
22 members of the minority caucus of the House; and be it                                                                  
23       FURTHER RESOLVED that the House Special Committee on Federal Overreach                                          
24 may meet during the interim between legislative sessions, and the chair of the House Special                            
25 Committee on Federal Overreach shall make reasonable efforts to schedule joint meetings,                                
26 and encourage coordination, with a similar committee of the Alaska State Senate if one is                               
27 established; and be it                                                                                                  
28       FURTHER RESOLVED that the House Special Committee on Federal Overreach                                          
29 may conduct, and is encouraged to conduct, meetings electronically or telephonically; and be                            
30 it                                                                                                                      
31       FURTHER RESOLVED that the House of Representatives urges the Governor to                                        
01 form a working group composed of appropriately selected members to establish a publicly or                              
02 privately funded authority or organization in the state charged with the mission of restoring                           
03 the constitutional division of powers between the state and federal governments, to coordinate                          
04 and confer with the House Special Committee on Federal Overreach and a similar committee                                
05 of the Alaska State Senate, should a Senate committee be established, and work to contribute                            
06 to the development of a national network of similar organizations for coordinating and                                  
07 compiling plans, research, and information, and that will serve as a resource to the State of                           
08 Alaska; and be it                                                                                                       
09       FURTHER RESOLVED that the House Special Committee on Federal Overreach                                          
10 terminates on January 15, 2017.