CSHB 68(FIN) am: "An Act relating to the preparation, electronic distribution, and posting of reports by state agencies."

00                      CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 68(FIN) am                                                                   
01 "An Act relating to the preparation, electronic distribution, and posting of reports by                                 
02 state agencies."                                                                                                        
03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA:                                                                
04    * Section 1. AS 14.56.120(a) is amended to read:                                                                   
05            (a) Each state agency shall deposit, upon release, at least five [FOUR] copies                           
06       of each of its state publications in the center. Additional copies of each publication                            
07       may be requested by the center for deposit in quantities necessary to meet the needs of                           
08       the depository library system and to provide inter-library service to those libraries not                         
09       having depository status.                                                                                         
10    * Sec. 2. AS 14.56.170 is amended to read:                                                                         
11            Sec. 14.56.170. Distribution of state publications and research data. The                                
12       center may not engage in general public distribution of either (1) state publications or                          
13       lists of publications or (2) the index of publications and research data. However,                                
14       unless expressly prohibited by law, the center shall make available to any person, upon                           
01       request and under procedures established by it, publications, summaries, research data,                           
02       indices, and other materials in its possession. Except as provided in AS 44.99.260,                           
03       reasonable [REASONABLE] fees for reproduction or printing costs and for mailing                               
04       and distribution of materials may be charged by the center.                                                       
05    * Sec. 3. AS 44.62.175(a) is amended to read:                                                                      
06            (a) The lieutenant governor shall develop and supervise the Alaska Online                                    
07       Public Notice System, to be maintained on the state's site on the Internet. The                                   
08       lieutenant governor shall prescribe the form of notices posted on the system by state                             
09       agencies. The Alaska Online Public Notice System must include                                                     
10                 (1) notices of proposed actions given under AS 44.62.190(a);                                            
11                 (2) notices of state agency meetings required under AS 44.62.310(e),                                    
12       even if the meeting has been held;                                                                                
13                 (3) notices of solicitations to bid issued under AS 36.30.130;                                          
14                 (4) notices of state agency requests for proposals issued under                                         
15       AS 18.55.255, 18.55.320; AS 36.30.210; AS 37.05.316; AS 38.05.120; and                                            
16       AS 43.40.010;                                                                                                     
17                 (5) executive orders and administrative orders issued by the governor;                                  
18                 (6) written delegations of authority made by the governor or the head of                                
19       a principal department under AS 44.17.010;                                                                        
20                 (7) the text or a summary of the text of a regulation or order of repeal                                
21       of a regulation for which notice is given under AS 44.62.190(a), including an                                     
22       emergency regulation or repeal regardless of whether it has taken effect;                                         
23                 (8) notices required by AS 44.62.245(b) regarding an amended version                                    
24       of a document or other material incorporated by reference in a regulation;                                        
25                 (9) a summary of the text of recently issued published opinions of the                                  
26       attorney general;                                                                                                 
27                 (10) a list of vacancies on boards, commissions, and other bodies                                       
28       whose members are appointed by the governor;                                                                      
29                 (11) in accordance with AS 39.52.240(h), advisory opinions of the                                       
30       attorney general; [AND]                                                                                           
31                 (12) notices required by AS 26.30.010(d) and (e) regarding applications                                 
01       for military facility zones; and                                                                              
02                 (13) reports of state agencies, if required under AS 44.99.250.                                     
03    * Sec. 4. AS 44.99 is amended by adding new sections to read:                                                      
04                  Article 3A. Distribution of Agency Reports.                                                          
05            Sec. 44.99.250. Electronic distribution and posting. (a) A state agency that                               
06       produces and distributes a report shall, if the agency has the technological capability to                        
07       do so, provide copies electronically and post the report on the Alaska Online Public                              
08       Notice System (AS 44.62.175). An agency may not produce print copies of reports                                   
09       except as                                                                                                         
10                 (1) required                                                                                            
11                      (A) under AS 14.56.120;                                                                            
12                      (B) by agreement; or                                                                               
13                      (C) by federal law; or                                                                             
14                 (2) requested under AS 44.99.260 or specifically approved by the head                                   
15       of a state agency or the head's designee.                                                                         
16            (b)  A report produced and distributed by a state agency shall prominently state                             
17       the Internet website where a digital copy and the physical address where a print copy                             
18       of the report may be found.                                                                                       
19            (c) Except as provided in (a) of this section, electronic distribution and                                   
20       electronic posting on the Alaska Online Public Notice System (AS 44.62.175) fulfills                              
21       any obligation in state law to publish, prepare, or present a report, and electronic                              
22       distribution fulfills any obligation in state law to submit a report.                                           
23            Sec. 44.99.260. Print copy requests. A person may obtain, at no charge, up to                              
24       two print copies of reports from the state library distribution and data access center                            
25       under AS 14.56.170 each day. A person may obtain additional print copies of reports                               
26       from the state library distribution and data access center for a reasonable fee under                             
27       AS 14.56.170.                                                                                                     
28            Sec. 44.99.270. Graphic design for reports. Notwithstanding AS 44.99.200,                                  
29       when preparing reports, a state agency may not hire contractors to provide                                        
30       photographs or graphics unless                                                                                    
31                 (1) no agency employee qualified to perform the work is available; or                                   
01                 (2) the agency would use fewer state resources by hiring a contractor.                                  
02            Sec. 44.99.290. Definitions. In AS 44.99.250 - 44.99.290,                                                  
03                 (1) "report" means an official document that a state agency is required                                 
04       by law to prepare and distribute to the legislature or the public without a specific                              
05       request, but does not include proposed regulations or documents related to the                                    
06       adoption or amendment of regulations;                                                                             
07                 (2) "state agency" means a department, institution, board, commission,                                  
08       division, authority, public corporation, committee, or other administrative unit of the                           
09       executive branch of state government, including the University of Alaska, the Alaska                              
10       Railroad Corporation, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, and the Alaska                                       
11       Housing Finance Corporation.