HB 190: "An Act providing for course credit in secondary school based on demonstrated mastery of the subject."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 190 01 "An Act providing for course credit in secondary school based on demonstrated mastery 02 of the subject." 03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 * Section 1. AS 14.03 is amended by adding a new section to read: 05 Sec. 14.03.072. Secondary school course credit. (a) A school district shall 06 provide the opportunity for students enrolled in a secondary school in the district to 07 challenge a course provided by the district by demonstrating mastery in the subject at 08 the level of the course challenged. A school district shall give full credit for a course to 09 a student who successfully challenges that course as provided under this section. 10 (b) A school district shall establish an assessment tool and a standard for 11 demonstrating mastery in secondary school courses provided by the district. 12 (c) In this section, "district" has the meaning given in AS 14.17.990. 13 * Sec. 2. AS 14.16.050(a) is amended to read: 14 (a) The following provisions apply with respect to the operation and

01 management of a state boarding school as if it were a school district: 02 (1) requirements relating to school district operations: 03 (A) AS 14.03.030 - 14.03.050 (defining the school term, day in 04 session, and school holidays); 05 (B) AS 14.03.072 and 14.03.083 - 14.03.140 [AS 14.03.083 - 06 14.03.140] (miscellaneous provisions applicable to school district operations); 07 (C) regulations adopted by the board under authority of 08 AS 14.07.020(a) that are applicable to school districts and their schools, unless 09 the board specifically exempts state boarding schools from compliance with a 10 regulation; 11 (D) AS 14.12.150 (authorizing school districts to establish and 12 participate in the services of a regional resource center); 13 (E) AS 14.14.050 (imposing the requirement of an annual 14 audit); 15 (F) AS 14.14.110 (authorizing cooperation with other school 16 districts); 17 (G) AS 14.14.140(b) (establishing a prohibition on 18 employment of a relative of the chief school administrator); 19 (H) AS 14.18 (prohibiting discrimination based on sex in 20 public education); 21 (2) requirements relating to the public school funding program and the 22 receipt and expenditure of that funding: 23 (A) AS 14.17.500 (relating to student count estimates); 24 (B) AS 14.17.505 (relating to school operating fund balances); 25 (C) AS 14.17.500 - 14.17.910 (setting out the procedure for 26 payment of public school funding and imposing general requirements and 27 limits on money paid); 28 (3) requirements relating to teacher employment and retirement: 29 (A) AS 14.14.105 and 14.14.107 (relating to sick leave); 30 (B) AS 14.20.095 - 14.20.215 (relating to the employment and 31 tenure of teachers);

01 (C) AS 14.20.220 (relating to the salaries of teachers 02 employed); 03 (D) AS 14.20.280 - 14.20.350 (relating to sabbatical leave 04 provisions for teachers); 05 (E) AS 23.40.070 - 23.40.260 (authorizing collective 06 bargaining by certificated employees), except with regard to teachers who are 07 administrators and except that the board may delegate some or all of its 08 responsibilities under those statutes; 09 (F) AS 14.25 (provisions regarding the teachers' retirement 10 system); 11 (4) requirements relating to students and educational programs: 12 (A) AS 14.30.180 - 14.30.350 (relating to educational services 13 for children with disabilities); 14 (B) AS 14.30.360 - 14.30.370 (establishing health education 15 program standards); 16 (C) AS 14.30.400 - 14.30.410 (relating to bilingual and 17 bicultural education).