CSHB 299(RES): "An Act providing for the naming and renaming of Alaska geographic features."

00 CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 299(RES) 01 "An Act providing for the naming and renaming of Alaska geographic features." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 41.35.350(a) is amended to read: 04 (a) The duties of the commission are to 05 (1) survey, evaluate, and catalog Alaska prehistory and history 06 materials now in print; 07 (2) ascertain and register what Alaska prehistory and history work is 08 now in progress; 09 (3) identify the existing gaps in the coverage of Alaska's past in 10 presently available published works and establish priorities for bridging them; 11 (4) prepare a thematic study of Alaska's history for historic 12 preservation; 13 (5) identify the sources of Alaska's history; 14 (6) coordinate the production and publication of works that will 15 adequately present all aspects of Alaska's past;

01 (7) cooperate with the federal government in programs relating to 02 history and archaeology; 03 (8) develop criteria for the evaluation of state monuments and historic 04 sites and all real and personal property that may be considered to be of historic, 05 prehistoric, or archeological significance as would justify their acquisition and 06 ownership by the state; 07 (9) cooperate with the department in formulating and administering a 08 statewide historic sites survey under 16 U.S.C. 470-470n (P.L. 89-665, National 09 Historic Preservation Act of 1966); 10 (10) review those surveys and historic preservation plans that may be 11 required, and approve properties for nomination to the National Register as provided 12 for in 16 U.S.C. 470-470n (P.L. 89-665, National Historic Preservation Act of 1966); 13 (11) provide necessary assistance to the governor and the legislature 14 for achieving balanced and coordinated state policies and programs for the 15 preservation of the state's historic, prehistoric, and archeological resources; 16 (12) consult with local historical district commissions regarding the 17 establishment of historical districts under AS 29.55.010 - 29.55.020 and the approval 18 of project alterations under AS 45.98.040; recommend, if appropriate, the formulation 19 of additional criteria for the designation of historical districts under AS 29.55.020(b); 20 approve plans for and evaluate the suitability of specific structures for purposes of 21 loan eligibility and continuance under the historical district revolving loan fund 22 (AS 45.98); and consult with the Department of Community and Economic 23 Development relative to the adoption of regulations for historical district loans under 24 AS 45.98; 25 (13) determine the correct and most appropriate names of the lakes, 26 streams, places, and other geographic features in the state and their spelling; 27 (14) pass upon and give names to lakes, streams, places, and other 28 geographic features in the state for which no single generally acceptable name has 29 been in use; 30 (15) cooperate with local subdivisions of government and, with their 31 approval, change the names of lakes, streams, places, and other geographic features to

01 eliminate duplication of names in the state; 02 (16) prepare and publish an official state dictionary of geographic 03 names and publish it for sale, either as a complete whole or in parts when ready; and 04 (17) serve as the state representatives of the United States Board on 05 Geographic Names and cooperate with that board; where the official state and 06 federal names of a lake, stream, place, or other geographic feature differ, the 07 commission shall propose to the board that the board change the federal name to 08 match the state name [SO THAT THERE IS NO CONFLICT BETWEEN THE 09 STATE AND FEDERAL DESIGNATIONS OF GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES IN 10 THE STATE]. 11 * Sec. 2. AS 41.35.350(b) is amended to read: 12 (b) In carrying out its duties to name geographic features under this section, 13 the commission shall select names that have a direct connection with Alaska or 14 Alaska's peoples. The commission shall review requests for changes to existing 15 official names of geographic features to identify the names that do not have a 16 direct connection with Alaska or Alaska's peoples, review alternative names that 17 have been used for the places, and rename the places with names that have a 18 direct connection with Alaska or Alaska's peoples. The commission shall consider 19 using Alaska Native place names for geographic features in the state [THAT HAVE 20 NOT PREVIOUSLY BEEN NAMED], using Native language writing systems 21 accepted by the Alaska Native Language Center of the University of Alaska at 22 Fairbanks. For purposes of this subsection, a name that has a direct connection 23 with Alaska or Alaska's peoples 24 (1) commemorates a person who was present in and had a 25 significant role in the area of the feature being named; 26 (2) has been used in the region of the geographic feature or by 27 local Alaska Natives; 28 (3) is particularly descriptive of the geographic feature; or 29 (4) describes a significant event that happened in the vicinity of the 30 geographic feature. 31 * Sec. 3. AS 41.35.350(c) is amended to read:

01 (c) When the commission gives a name to a lake, stream, place, or other 02 geographic feature in the state, the name is the official name of the geographic feature 03 and shall be used in all maps, records, documents, and other publications issued by the 04 state or its departments and political subdivisions. The commission shall establish a 05 policy regarding the use of English translations of non-English words and 06 whether translations, where included, should be considered a part of the official 07 name. When the official name under this section differs from the official federal 08 name, both official names shall be used, with the federal name in parentheses.