SCS CSHB 231(L&C): "An Act relating to regulation of snowmobiles."

00SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 231(L&C) 01 "An Act relating to regulation of snowmobiles." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 28 is amended by adding a new chapter to read: 04 Chapter 39. Snowmobiles. 05  Sec. 28.39.010. Snowmobile registration. (a) Except as provided in this 06 subsection, a person may not operate a snowmobile within the state unless the 07 snowmobile has been registered and numbered as required by this chapter. 08 Registration under this subsection is not required for a snowmobile owned by the 09 United States. 10  (b) A person who violates (a) of this section is guilty of an infraction and is 11 subject to a $300 fine under AS 28.40.050(c). 12  Sec. 28.39.020. Authority of department; registration agents; registration 13 applications. (a) The department is authorized to assign identification numbers and 14 register snowmobiles.

01  (b) The department shall authorize agents, including snowmobile dealers, to 02 register snowmobiles. The department may authorize a snowmobile dealer authorized 03 as an agent for snowmobile registration to issue temporary and permanent registrations, 04 and to renew registrations. 05  (c) A snowmobile dealer shall require a purchaser of a new or used 06 snowmobile sold at retail to complete a registration application and pay the registration 07 fee before the snowmobile leaves the dealer's premises unless the snowmobile is 08 exempt from registration or a registration fee under this chapter. 09  (d) In a manner set out in this chapter and as may be prescribed by the 10 department, an authorized agent shall accept a registration application and registration 11 fee, issue a registration, and forward the application and registration fee to the 12 department. 13  (e) The original and each renewal registration fee for a snowmobile is as 14 provided under AS 28.10.421, except that the fee shall be multiplied by two for a four- 15 year registration and multiplied by three for a six-year registration. 16  Sec. 28.39.030. Proof of ownership for registration purposes. The 17 department may require proof of ownership of the snowmobile before registering a 18 snowmobile under this chapter. 19  Sec. 28.39.040. Issuance of a certificate of registration and decals; 20 inspection of registration; expiration of registration. (a) Upon receipt of a 21 completed application for registration of a snowmobile, the department shall record the 22 registration of the snowmobile under a number assigned to the snowmobile by the 23 department. A number assigned to a snowmobile at the time of the original 24 registration must remain with the snowmobile until the snowmobile is destroyed, 25 abandoned, or permanently removed from the state or until the registration number is 26 changed or terminated by the department. 27  (b) The department shall issue a registration without the payment of a fee if 28 the snowmobile is owned by a state agency, a political subdivision of the state, or 29 another state. The department may, upon request, issue a registration without the 30 payment of a fee if the snowmobile is owned by the United States. 31  (c) The department shall, upon assignment of a registration number, issue and

01 deliver to the owner a certificate of registration in a form prescribed by the 02 department. A certificate of registration is not valid unless it is signed by the person 03 who signed the application for registration. 04  (d) At the issuance of the original certificate of registration and upon renewal, 05 the department shall issue to the registrant a validation decal indicating the validity of 06 the current registration and the expiration date. A validation decal must be affixed to 07 the snowmobile in the manner prescribed by the department. A snowmobile is not 08 validly registered under this chapter unless a validation decal and current registration 09 have been issued as required by this section. 10  (e) A snowmobile shall display the registration number assigned to it at all 11 times in the manner prescribed by the department. 12  (f) While operating a snowmobile that is required to be registered under this 13 chapter, a person shall have in possession or carry in the snowmobile a valid 14 registration. Upon demand by a peace officer authorized to enforce this chapter, a 15 person operating a snowmobile shall produce for inspection the certificate of 16 registration for the snowmobile and furnish to the peace officer any information 17 necessary for the identification of the snowmobile and its owner. 18  (g) A snowmobile owner holding a certificate of registration shall notify the 19 department in writing of a change of residence within 15 days after the change occurs. 20  (h) A snowmobile may be registered for two, four, or six years. A 21 snowmobile registration expires at the end of the last season for which it is issued. 22 An application for renewal of registration for the succeeding years must be made at 23 a time and in a form prescribed by the department. 24  (i) The department may issue a replacement certificate of registration if the 25 owner demonstrates to the department that the original certificate has been lost, 26 mutilated, or destroyed. 27  Sec. 28.39.050. Termination of ownership; used snowmobiles held for 28 resale; termination of use. (a) If there is a change of ownership of a snowmobile, 29 the seller and buyer shall fill out the transfer of ownership section of the registration, 30 and the seller shall sign over the registration to the new owner. The seller shall 31 promptly submit the transfer of ownership section to the department, and the

01 department shall issue a new certificate of registration to the new owner. 02  (b) This chapter does not require a snowmobile dealer to renew the registration 03 of a used snowmobile held solely for purposes of resale until the snowmobile is resold. 04  (c) An owner of a snowmobile registered under this chapter shall notify the 05 department in writing of the termination of use, destruction, or permanent removal of 06 the snowmobile from the state within 15 days after the termination of use, destruction, 07 or removal. 08  Sec. 28.39.060. Regulations authorized. The commissioner shall adopt 09 regulations governing the registration of snowmobiles and display of registration 10 numbers on snowmobiles as may be necessary to carry out this chapter. 11 Sec. 28.39.250. Definitions. In this chapter, 12  (1) "commissioner" means the commissioner of administration; 13  (2) "dealer" means a person engaged in the business of selling 14 snowmobiles predominantly for purposes other than resale; 15  (3) "department" means the Department of Administration; 16  (4) "operate" means to ride in or on and control the operation of a 17 snowmobile; 18  (5) "operator" means a person who operates or is in actual physical 19 control of a snowmobile; 20  (6) "owner" means a person, other than a lienholder, having title to a 21 snowmobile and who is entitled to the use or possession of the snowmobile; 22  (7) "possession" means physical custody of a snowmobile by an owner 23 of a snowmobile or by an owner of a motor vehicle or trailer on or in which a 24 snowmobile is placed for the purpose of transport; 25  (8) "retail" means the sale of a snowmobile for any purpose other than 26 resale; 27  (9) "season" means one calendar year beginning October 1 and ending 28 September 30; 29  (10) "snowmobile" means a self-propelled vehicle primarily designed 30 or altered for travel on snow or ice when supported in part by skis, belts, or cleats; 31 "snowmobile" does not include machinery used strictly for the grooming of

01 snowmobile trails or ski slopes. 02 * Sec. 2. AS 05.30 is repealed.