SB 150: "An Act establishing Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day."

00 SENATE BILL NO. 150                                                                                                     
01 "An Act establishing Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day."                                                                     
02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA:                                                                
03    * Section 1.  AS 44.12 is amended by adding a new section to read:                                                   
04  Sec. 44.12.080.  DUTCH HARBOR REMEMBRANCE DAY.  Dutch Harbor                                                          
05 Remembrance Day is established on June 3 of each year to commemorate the attack                                         
06 on Dutch Harbor on June 3, 1942, and to honor the individuals who died as a result                                      
07 of the attack and those inhabitants of Attu and Kiska who fell into enemy hands three                                   
08 days later and were held captive in Japan until the end of World War II.  On Dutch                                      
09 Harbor Remembrance Day the many servicemen who died in 1943 while recapturing                                           
10 Attu and Kiska from the Japanese are also honored for their diligent service to the                                     
11 United States and to the state.  The governor shall issue a proclamation to                                             
12 commemorate Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day and shall direct that the Alaska flag                                          
13 be flown at half-mast on that day.  The day may be observed by suitable observances                                     
14 and exercises by civic groups and the public.