SB 85: "An Act making corrective amendments to the Alaska Statutes as recommended by the revisor of statutes; and providing for an effective date."

00SENATE BILL NO. 85 01 "An Act making corrective amendments to the Alaska Statutes as recommended 02 by the revisor of statutes; and providing for an effective date." 03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 * Section 1. AS 04.11.400(d) is amended to read: 05  (d) The board may approve the issuance or transfer of ownership of a beverage 06 dispensary or restaurant or eating place license without regard to (a) of this section if 07 it appears that the issuance or transfer will encourage the tourist trade by encouraging 08 the construction or improvement of 09  (1) a hotel, motel, resort, or similar business relating to the tourist trade 10 with a dining facility or having kitchen facilities in a majority of its rental rooms and 11 at least a minimum number of rental rooms required according to the population of the 12 established village, incorporated city, unified municipality, or population area 13 established under (a) of this section in which the facility will be located, as follows: 14  (A) 10 rental rooms if the population is less than 1,501;

01  (B) 20 rental rooms if the population is 1,501 - 2,500 02 [BETWEEN 1,501 AND 2,500]; 03  (C) 25 rental rooms if the population is 2,501 - 5,000 04 [BETWEEN 2,501 AND 5,000]; 05  (D) 30 rental rooms if the population is 5,001 - 15,000 06 [BETWEEN 5,001 AND 15,000]; 07  (E) 35 rental rooms if the population is 15,001 - 25,000 08 [BETWEEN 15,001 AND 25,000]; 09  (F) 40 rental rooms if the population is 25,001 - 50,000 10 [BETWEEN 25,001 AND 50,000]; and 11  (G) 50 rental rooms if the population is greater than 50,000; or 12  (2) an airport terminal. 13 * Sec. 2. AS 04.11.498(b) is amended to read: 14  (b) If a majority of the voters of an established village vote "yes" on the 15 question set out in (a) of this section, and the sale of alcoholic beverages, or the sale 16 and importation of alcoholic beverages, has been previously prohibited in the 17 established village in accordance with AS 04.11.490 or 04.11.496, a person, beginning 18 on the first day of the month following certification of the results of the election, may 19 not knowingly possess an alcoholic beverage in the established village, unless the 20 alcoholic beverage is wine to be used for bona fide religious purposes based on tenets 21 or teachings of a church or religious body, is limited in quantity to the amount 22 necessary for religious purposes, and is dispensed only for religious purposes, by a 23 person recognized by the church or religious body as authorized to dispense the wine. 24 The board shall be notified immediately after certification of the results of the election 25 and thereafter may not issue, renew, or transfer between holders or locations a license 26 for licensed premises located within the perimeter of the established village [AS 27 DEFINED IN AS 04.21.080(b)]. 28 * Sec. 3. AS 06.45.060(7)(D) is amended to read: 29  (D) in shares or accounts of savings and loan associations or 30 mutual savings banks that are insured by the [FEDERAL SAVINGS AND 31 LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION OR THE] Federal Deposit Insurance

01 Corporation; 02 * Sec. 4. AS 08.06.030(a) is amended to read: 03  (a) A person is qualified to receive a license to practice acupuncture if the 04 person 05  (1) is of good moral character; 06  (2) is at least 21 years of age; 07  (3) either 08  (A) has completed a course of study consistent with the core 09 curriculum and guidelines of the National Council of Acupuncture Schools and 10 Colleges at a school of acupuncture approved by the department; or 11  (B) is licensed to practice acupuncture in another jurisdiction 12 that has acupuncture licensing requirements equivalent to those of this state; 13  (4) is qualified for certification by the National Commission 14 [COUNCIL] for the Certification of Acupuncturists as a diplomate in acupuncture; 15  (5) does not have a disciplinary proceeding or unresolved complaint 16 pending at the time of application; and 17  (6) has not had a license to practice acupuncture suspended or revoked 18 in this state or in another jurisdiction. 19 * Sec. 5. AS 08.45.030 is amended to read: 20  Sec. 08.45.030. ISSUANCE OF LICENSE. The division shall issue a license 21 to practice naturopathy to an applicant who provides proof satisfactory to the division 22 that the applicant has received a degree from an accredited four-year college or 23 university, and 24  (1) on or before December 1, 1987, has graduated from a school of 25 naturopathy that required four years of attendance at the school and after graduation 26 has received a license in another state after passing an examination for licensure in that 27 state and is licensed by a state at the time of application; or 28  (2) after December 31, 1987, has 29  (A) graduated from a school of naturopathy that required four 30 years of attendance at the school and at the time of graduation the school was 31 accredited or a candidate for accreditation by the Council on Naturopathic

01 Medical Education or a successor organization recognized by the United States 02 Department of Education; and 03  (B) passed the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination 04 [SPONSORED BY THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NATUROPATHIC 05 PHYSICIANS]. 06 * Sec. 6. AS 08.45.035(a) is amended to read: 07  (a) The division shall issue a temporary license to practice naturopathy to an 08 applicant who has applied for and is qualified to take the next Naturopathic Physicians 09 Licensing Examination offered after the date of application and provides proof 10 satisfactory to the division that the applicant 11  (1) meets the requirements of AS 08.45.030(2)(A); and 12  (2) has not previously failed the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing 13 Examination [SPONSORED BY THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF 14 NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANS]. 15 * Sec. 7. AS 08.80.120 is amended to read: 16  Sec. 08.80.120. GRADING AND CONTENT OF EXAMINATION. To pass 17 the state pharmacy examination, each applicant shall attain a general average of not 18 less than 75 percent and a grade of not less than 60 percent in any one category of the 19 National Association of Boards [BOARD] of Pharmacy Standard Examinations for 20 licensure or an equivalent examination given by the board. 21 * Sec. 8. AS 09.38.015(c) is amended to read: 22  (c) Property of the state, a [GENERAL LAW OR HOME RULE] municipality, 23 and of the Alaska Municipal Bond Bank Authority or another state public corporation 24 is exempt. 25 * Sec. 9. AS 09.38.500(1) is amended to read: 26  (1) "burial plot" means a parcel of real estate that is used for burial of 27 human remains and that [WHICH] is located within an area designated for cemetery 28 purposes by the state or a [GENERAL LAW OR HOME RULE] municipality; 29 * Sec. 10. AS 13.26.344(l) is amended to read: 30  (l) In the statutory form power of attorney, the language conferring general 31 authority with respect to health care services [,] shall be construed to mean that, as to

01 the health care of the principal, whether to be provided in the state or elsewhere, the 02 principal authorizes the agent to 03  (1) have access to and disclose to others medical and related 04 information and records; 05  (2) consent or refuse to consent to medical care or relief for the 06 principal from pain, but the agent may not authorize the termination of life-sustaining 07 procedures; 08  (3) take all steps necessary to enforce a properly executed declaration 09 under AS 18.12; 10  (4) consent or refuse to consent to the principal's psychiatric care, but 11 the consent does not authorize a voluntary commitment or placement in a mental 12 health treatment facility, convulsive [CONCLUSIVE] or electric-shock therapy, 13 psychosurgery, sterilization, or an abortion; 14  (5) arrange for care or lodging of the principal in a hospital, nursing 15 home, or hospice; 16  (6) grant releases to health care professionals or health care institutions; 17  (7) hire, discharge, or compensate an attorney, accountant, expert 18 witness, or assistant when the agent considers the action to be desirable for the proper 19 execution of the powers described in this subsection; and 20  (8) do any other act or acts [,] that the principal can do through an 21 agent [,] and that the agent considers desirable or necessary to provide for the 22 principal's physical or mental well-being [WELL BEING]. 23 * Sec. 11. AS 16.10.294(f) is amended to read: 24  (f) A person affected by an order issued under AS 16.10.265 - 16.10.296 25 [THIS CHAPTER] may seek equitable relief preventing the commissioner from 26 enforcing the order. 27 * Sec. 12. AS 16.10.294(g) is amended to read: 28  (g) In an action instituted in the superior court by the commissioner or a 29 representative of the commissioner, a person acting in the capacity of a fish processor 30 or primary fish buyer in violation of AS 16.10.265 - 16.10.296 [THIS CHAPTER] may 31 be enjoined from acting as a fish processor or primary fish buyer.

01 * Sec. 13. AS 18.05 is amended by adding a new section to read: 02  Sec. 18.05.061. PENALTY FOR VIOLATION. A person who violates a 03 provision of this chapter or a regulation adopted under this chapter is guilty of a 04 misdemeanor and, upon conviction, is punishable by a fine of not more than $500, or 05 by imprisonment for not more than one year. Each day that a person continues a 06 violation is a separate offense. 07 * Sec. 14. AS 18.65.705(4) is amended to read: 08  (4) has not been convicted, within the five years immediately preceding 09 the application, of, and is not currently charged under a complaint, information, 10 indictment, or presentment with, any of the following misdemeanor offenses or similar 11 laws of another jurisdiction: 12  (A) AS 11.41.230, 11.41.250, 11.41.270; 13  (B) AS 11.46.315, 11.46.320, 11.46.330, 11.46.430, 11.46.484; 14  (C) AS 11.51.130; 15  (D) AS 11.56.330, 11.56.340, 11.56.350, 11.56.380, 11.56.545, 16 11.56.700, 11.56.710, 11.56.740, 11.56.780, 11.56.790, 11.56.800, 11.56.805; 17  (E) AS 11.61.110, 11.61.120, 11.61.210, 11.61.220, 11.61.240; 18 or 19  (F) AS 11.71.050, 11.71.060; 20 * Sec. 15. AS 21.21.230 is amended to read: 21  Sec. 21.21.230. SAVINGS AND LOAN. To the extent that the account is 22 insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [FEDERAL SAVINGS AND 23 LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION], an insurer may invest in share or savings 24 accounts of savings and loan and building and loan associations. 25 * Sec. 16. AS 21.21.600(19) is amended to read: 26  (19) "savings and loan" means an organization organized under the laws 27 of a state that has qualified for the insurance protection provided by the Federal 28 Deposit Insurance Corporation [FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE 29 CORPORATION]; 30 * Sec. 17. AS 41.09.010(h) is amended to read: 31  (h) Amounts due the permanent fund under AS 37.13.010 shall [MAY] be

01 calculated before the application of a credit extended under (a) of this section. 02 * Sec. 18. AS 42.40.750(c) is amended to read: 03  (c) The railroad labor relations agency shall determine who is eligible to vote 04 in an election held under this section and shall adopt regulations [ESTABLISH 05 RULES] governing the election. In an election in which none of the choices on the 06 ballot receives a majority of the votes cast, a runoff election shall be conducted, the 07 ballot providing for selection between the two choices receiving the largest number of 08 valid votes cast in the election. If an organization receives the majority of the votes 09 cast in the election, it shall be certified by the railroad labor relations agency as 10 exclusive representative of all the employees in the bargaining unit. An election may 11 not be held in a bargaining unit or in a subdivision of a bargaining unit if a valid 12 election has been held within the preceding 12 months. 13 * Sec. 19. AS 44.19.155(d) is amended to read: 14  (d) Each member of the council shall select one person to serve as a 15 permanent alternate at meetings of the council. If a member of the council is unable 16 to attend, the member shall advise the alternate who may attend and act in the place 17 of the member. The alternate for a public member appointed [AFTER JULY 9, 1978] 18 under (a)(1) of this section shall, at the time of the alternate's designation and 19 throughout the period of service as a permanent alternate, be the mayor or member of 20 the assembly or council of a municipality within the region from which the permanent 21 member is appointed. The alternate for the director of the office of management and 22 budget, serving under (a)(2)(A) of this section, shall be the director's designee within 23 that office. The alternate for a designated member serving under (a)(2)(B) - (G) of 24 this section shall be a deputy commissioner of the department or the director of a 25 division in the department. The names of alternates shall be filed with the council. 26 * Sec. 20. AS 44.21.501(a)(8) is amended to read: 27  (8) assist [THE DIVISION OF LABOR RELATIONS] in collective 28 bargaining negotiations between the state and employee bargaining organizations to 29 ensure that each collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the state ensures equal 30 employment opportunity; 31 * Sec. 21. AS 44.33.119(6) is amended to read:

01  (6) ensure that the visitors' [VISITORY] experience in the state is and 02 continues to be satisfactory and leads to word-of-mouth advertising and return visits 03 to the state; 04 * Sec. 22. AS 44.62.160(a) is amended to read: 05  (a) The Alaska Administrative Register shall be published quarterly on the first 06 day of the month [, BEGINNING IN A MONTH TO BE DESIGNATED BY THE 07 DEPARTMENT OF LAW, BUT NOT LATER THAN OCTOBER 1969]. All 08 regulations required to be submitted under AS 44.62.040 that are filed by the first day 09 of the month preceding publication shall be published in the register for that quarter. 10 * Sec. 23. AS 46.14.990 is amended by adding new paragraphs to read: 11  (26) "commissioner" means the commissioner of environmental 12 conservation; 13  (27) "department" means the Department of Environmental 14 Conservation. 15 * Sec. 24. AS 47.10.080(b)(6) is amended to read: 16  (6) in addition to an order under (1) - (5) of this subsection, if the 17 delinquency finding is based on the minor's violation of AS 11.71.030(a)(3) or 18 11.71.040(a)(4), order the minor to perform 50 hours of community service; for 19 purposes of this paragraph, "community service" includes work 20  (A) defined as community service under [ON A PROJECT 21 IDENTIFIED IN] AS 33.30.901; or 22  (B) that, on the recommendation of the city council or 23 traditional village council, would benefit persons within the city or village who 24 are elderly or disabled. 25 * Sec. 25. AS 47.10.097(b) is amended to read: 26  (b) Fingerprint records taken under this section are not subject to 27 AS 47.10.093(a) [AS 47.10.090]. 28 * Sec. 26. AS 47.10.490(2) is repealed and reenacted to read: 29  (2) "out-of-home care provider" means an agency or person, other than 30 the child's legal parents, with whom a child who is in the custody of the state under 31 AS 47.10.080(b)(3), (c)(1), or (c)(3), 47.10.142, or 47.10.230(c) is currently placed;

01 in this paragraph, "agency or person" includes a foster parent, a relative other than a 02 parent, a person who has petitioned for adoption of the child, and a residential child 03 care facility; 04 * Sec. 27. AS 18.07.111(12); AS 24.20.075; AS 44.33.122, 44.33.124; AS 44.66.010(a)(8), 05 44.66.010(a)(12), 44.66.010(a)(16); and AS 47.30.500(4) are repealed. 06 * Sec. 28. RETROACTIVITY OF AMENDMENT TO AS 41.09.010(h). The amendment 07 to AS 41.09.010(h), made by sec. 17 of this Act, is retroactive to August 7, 1994. 08 * Sec. 29. RETROACTIVITY OF ENACTMENT OF AS 46.14.990(26) AND (27). The 09 enactment of AS 46.14.990(26) and (27), made by sec. 23 of this Act, is retroactive to 10 June 26, 1993. 11 * Sec. 30. RETROACTIVITY OF AMENDMENT TO AS 47.10.097(b). The amendment 12 to AS 47.10.097(b), made by sec. 25 of this Act, is retroactive to September 1, 1994. 13 * Sec. 31. This Act takes effect immediately under AS 01.10.070(c).